Welltodo Today: The World’s Biggest Wellness Trend, Nigeria’s Burgeoning Fitness Scene, Pure Gym Eyeing International Expansion


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Consumer data company predicts nootropics, CBD, and adaptogens to get buzzier this year

People are becoming increasingly interested in taking an inside-out approach to, well, everything-looking at you, biohacking. Skin-care regimens are now not only topical but ingestible, and evidentiary connections are being made between your diet and health issues like anxiety and depression; all of this is exactly why Well+Good named brain-boosting supplements as a major trend to watch in 2018.

Why crystal healing is the biggest wellness trend right now

The world is now learning about what the forefathers in India and the Eastern countries knew all along-the healing power of crystals. The Guardian recently reported a 40 per cent increase in Google search for crystal healing.

Budget fitness chain Pure Gym plans to more than double in size to 500 gyms and is eyeing international expansion

CEO of low-cost fitness chain Pure Gym says it plans to reach 500 sites across the UK. The chain currently has 200 gyms and 1 million members. CEO says international expansion also highly likely. LONDON – Low-cost gym chain Pure Gym plans to more than double its number of sites in the UK over the next decade, according to its CEO.

The big business of women’s fitness in Nigeria

They are glamourous, they are gorgeous, they are physically stunning and they make money by helping other women look and feel good. They are authors of self-help books and health recipes. They have huge following on social media, with Instagram serving as their network of choice.

GNC and Guardian Healthcare Announce Major Expansion of Presence in India | Markets Insider

PITTSBURGH, March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — General Nutrition Corporation (NYSE: GNC) announced plans to grow its business in India, where the company has had a presence since 2004. As part of its larger international growth strategy, GNC is working with master franchise partner, Guardian Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.

Wellness Trends Are Making Their Mark On Travel

Wellness is a priority for today’s travelers, and the industry is responding by finding ways to integrate healthy and mindful options into their services Consumers are taking a more proactive and progressive approach to their health, focusing on not only physical measures like fitness and nutrition, but also on less tangible aspects like emotional states and stress.

Weight Watchers to scale back on diets

The diet is dead. Or at least the word may be. After three generations of encouraging women to shed excess pounds, Weight Watchers is to re-brand itself as a “wellness company”. The business plans to shift its focus to helping customers to achieve “health goals” such as lowering their cholesterol


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