Welltodo Today: True Botanicals Raises $8M, Smart Cities Are The Future, Nike Buddies Up With Headspace


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Krave Jerky Founder Makes First Foray Out Of Food With Investment In Skincare Brand True Botanicals

Krave Jerky founder Jon Sebastiani has invested in food brands like Smashmallow since he sold his gourmet dried meat startup to Hershey for $220 million in 2015. Now for the first time, his investment firm, Sonoma Brands, has taken a stake in a company outside the food industry, leading an $8 million investment in True Botanicals, a natural, premium skincare brand.

The Plus Factor: This is what the future of mental health looks like

This week on The Plus Factor, we’re talking about all the new ways people are going to therapy. The tried-and-true couch method is no longer the only way to get help. Now, people are texting, video-chatting, and even running with their therapists. But are all the changes for the better?

Meet The MoveGB Founder Who Is Changing The Way We Exercise

Alister Rollins is looking to change the way we workout. As the model stands, gyms dream of signing customers up hoping they’ll never visit. That’s why Rollins founded MoveGB, now the UK’s largest range of activities under one membership, with over 250,000 users and more than 5,500 providers.

Meditation while you jog: Nike partners with Headspace for mindful run coaching

Ever find yourself not having enough time to exercise or meditate? What if you could combine both? Well, Nike and Headspace have teamed up to offer you just that, and all within the Nike Run Club app. From today, you’ll have access to the first three Headspace audio-guided mindful runs that coach you on how to clear your head while you’re out jogging.

The Cycling Panther of Paris’s Fitness Studios

Her husky just-smoked-a-cigarette-voice (though, of course, she doesn’t) often gets muffled in the mic of her headset, but loyal riders follow along as if their lives depend on it. “She really pushes you,” said Jade Dabrigeon, 25, a fashion publicist who began taking Ms. Chaumet’s classes soon after the studio opened.

Brunswick reveals plans to spin off its US$1bn fitness business

US-based manufacturing conglomerate Brunswick has announced plans to spin off its fitness business, forming an independent, standalone, publicly traded company called FitnessCo. The move will see Brunswick’s fitness brands – Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Indoor Cycling Group and SCIFIT – being operated by the new company.

LA Food Fest Creators Announce Clean Made LA: A First of Its Kind Lifestyle Event and Marketplace with Clean Eating, Wellness Brands and Trends Under One Roof April 21-22

We’re thrilled to tap into this area and help others connect the dots with a marketplace where consumers can discover a world of innovative products for every aspect of their life, while underscoring not just sustainability and wellness trends, but transparency and the science behind them.

Trend report lowdown: Smart Cities

That’s right. Bosch’s Stefan Hartung, speaking at CES in January, warned that “in the long run, cities without intelligence will not survive”. Rising temperatures, pollution, overpopulation. To combat these existential threats, cities must adapt to citizens’ needs, cultivate wellbeing and be more resilient to climate change.


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