Welltodo Today: UK Gyms Get The Green Light, Clean Beauty & Gen Z, Global Wellness Summit Switches Location

Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Government gives green light for gyms and pools to reopen within weeks

Gyms and swimming pools will reopen within weeks to help Britons work off their “lockdown lard”, the Government announced today. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden will confirm tonight that fitness studios will be able to operate from mid to late-July with strict hygiene and social distancing measures.

The fitness world has changed since gyms last opened their doors. Closures are inevitable

Small boutique gyms, on the other hand, are likely to bounce back faster – these are places where clients have personal relationships with trainers, and in many cases have been continuing training online over the months of lockdown.

Lululemon CEO Talks Customer Relationships and Apparel Sales With MIRROR Deal | The Motley Fool

( lululemon athletica’s NASDAQ:LULU) $500 million acquisition of the MIRROR home interactive fitness brand made some waves in the athletic world when it was announced on June 29. While the deal might have seemed as if it came from left field, it didn’t.

Shopping for plant-based meat? Check the meat department

Where’s the plant-based beef? In the grocery store’s animal-meat department-if you want to increase sales, that is. A new study released by the supermarket chain Kroger and the Plant Based Foods Association finds that sales for such products jump 23% when they are sold near real meat.

This New Alt-Meat Brand Is Making Bacon Out of the Same Ingredient That Makes Soy Sauce and Miso So Delicious

The market for lab-grown and plant-based meat products will grow to an estimated $140 billion by 2029. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have cornered the market as the Tyson and Cargill of alt-beefs, but plenty of smaller companies are cropping up to cater to the consumer demand for plant-based meat alternatives.

TikTok, Stepchickens and Gen-Z yellow: How clean beauty is reaching a younger audience – Glossy

Last week, the company launched a giveaway campaign with Melissa Ong, who has 2.1 million TikTok followers and serves as the “Mother Hen” of the TikTok ” ” the Stepchickens. Members identify themselves by changing their profile picture to a signature blue image of Ong, with prominent TikTok accounts like The Washington Post and several sports teams including The Houston Rockets joining in.

2020 Global Wellness Summit | Global Wellness Summit

The Global Wellness Summit is where the world’s leading corporations and organizations join together to shape all aspects of the business of wellness. Held in a different country each year, the Summit brings together top wellness leaders from around the world for a three-day conference where relationships are forged, investments are made, business gets done-and the future of wellness begins.