Welltodo Today: UK Wellbeing Rises Post Brexit, Third Space Readies £50m Expansion, Juice Beauty


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

This gym is opening in the City as part of a £50m expansion

Luxury fitness brand Third Space plans to open more clubs in London as it invests £50m into UK expansion. The plush gym and fitness club already has four London locations, and two more in the pipeline for next year.

Women in Business Q&A: Karen Behnke, Founder, Juice Beauty

Karen Behnke has enjoyed a long and successful entrepreneurial career in the Healthy Lifestyles sector of business. Her consistent goal is to equally marry her passion for helping people enjoy healthier lifestyles with her skill at building financially successful businesses that are mission driven.

‘UK wellbeing rises after Brexit vote’

In the year after the UK narrowly voted to exit the European Union, there was a small but significant increase in the population’s feeling of wellbeing, official statistics show. The improvements in areas such as life satisfaction and happiness were seen only in England, however. Elsewhere, the rates flatlined.

Mega popular ‘healthy’ American ice cream brand Halo Top is coming to the UK

Ice cream is incredibly moreish. It’s impossible to scoop out a single spoon and put the tub back in the freezer, which is why so many of us wallow in a post B&J haze of a Sunday evening. It’s just a shame that it’s so packed with sugar and fat.


Innovative trauma-releasing exercises (TRE) are being introduced at Triyoga as it continues its London expansion with a new studio in Ealing next month. TRE classes are designed to help the body “let go of chronic stress” and “deep tension”.

Healing The Rich And Famous: The Most Outrageous Home Spas and Alternative Treatments

I remember experiencing a wellness retreat in the Himalayan countryside a while ago, laying on my back and trying to coordinate my breathing with the sound of chanting, while a Tibetan monk used a singing bowl. I have never been a fan of meditation because my mind invariably drifts to deadlines, bills or hunger.

Amazon expands into private label sportswear and its first home furnishing lines

Amazon’s expansion into private label fashion continues with the launch of a handful of new sportswear brands, reports Bloomberg, citing data from L2 researchers. The additions, which include brands called Goodsport, Rebel Canyon, and Peak Velocity, will allow Amazon to challenge some of the biggest names in activewear, including Nike, Lululemon, Under Armour, and others.


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