Welltodo Today: Ukactive’s Industry Reports, ‘Supernutrients’, Investing In Wellness Water


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

ukactive announces two new reports as part of Business Intelligence service to help sector grow | ukactive

ukactive has today (20 February) announced the launch of two major new reports as part of its Business Intelligence service. The first product is a new series of quarterly business reports entitled ‘Moving Communities’, which will provide new intelligence to the sector on a more regular basis.

Thermal wellness will become the next must-know metric | Well+Good

Way before we turned to Megaformers and Theraguns in an attempt to achieve wellbeing, cultures around the world relied on far more simplistic measures to keep them feeling good-things like heat and cold, for instance. Sweating it out in saunas and dipping into ice baths are just two of the long-standing practices that endure today, thanks to their resulting physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Constellation Brands Invests in Karma Wellness Water – BevNET.com

Constellation Brands announced this week it has acquired a minority ownership stake in Karma Culture LLC, the makers of Karma Wellness Water. The deal marks the beer and spirits giant’s first investment in a non-alcoholic beverage brand through its Constellation Ventures arm. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This startup is mining the botanical world for hidden ‘supernutrients’

Inside the San Francisco lab of a biotech startup called Brightseed, computers are analyzing thousands of compounds in tiny samples of plants and searching for new samples of what it calls “supernutrients”-natural compounds that can later be harvested and added to food to help improve health.

Video Game Makers Want to Get Players Off the Couch

Developers are offering a physical twist to keep traditional fans interested and draw new ones who are bored with their workouts. Tiffany Ruiz had tried various gyms, apps, workout routines and diets, all in an effort to get fit and lose some weight. “None of them worked because none of them kept my interest,” she said.

The kitchen makeover that will make you eat more healthily

First they came for our workouts, next it was our diets, and now our kitchens are getting the LA treatment. Largely based on antiquated models from the 1950s, kitchens as we know them cater to convenience rather than wellbeing: dark cupboards hide our tinned goods and junk food; fresh produce is left to rot in deep fridges; microwaves nuke our processed meals.


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