Welltodo Today: Usain Bolt Backs Fitness Startup, Plant-Based Shellfish Secures Investment, Single Women Fuel Athleisure Sales


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Usain Bolt backs ‘Netflix of fitness’ start-up Let’s Do This

A British-American start-up dubbed the “Netflix of fitness” has snared funds from Olympic champion Usain Bolt, who joins a roster of big name backers including tennis ace Serena Williams. The world’s fastest man has taken part in a funding round which has raised $5 million for Let’s Do This, a website which allows competitors to book races.

The rise in single American women should be great for activewear brands

The share of unmarried American women is on the rise as more women in the US delay marriage or forgo nuptials entirely. That should be good news for activewear brands, analysts from the investment firm Morgan Stanley predicted in a recent research note.

The woman who wants you to swap your glass of wine for a weed drink

When entrepreneur Rebekah Hall is asked about her line of work, she’s become used to a few raised eyebrows. “People don’t expect me to be talking about cannabis. I’m a middle-class white woman,” says Hall, founder of drinks business, Botanic Lab, whose soft drinks are infused with CBD, the non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant.

With the rise of digital fitness, gyms need to be built differently

Hot take: the way we use gyms is changing, which means gyms themselves need to change with us. Thanks to the rise of digital fitness, gyms have become a playground, rather than a maze. With coaches in our pockets and on our wrists, we can work out anywhere, anytime, with nothing more than a mat and our bodyweight.

Plant-based shrimp is a thing, and real-meat giant Tyson Foods wants a taste

Plant-based meat is so last year: The latest animal protein to go green in a big way is shellfish. Tyson Foods announced today that it’s investing in New Wave Foods, which expects to have a shrimp alternative ready for food-service operators by early next year. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Peloton Will Struggle to Be the Apple of Fitness

Remember when $500 seemed like a lot for a cellphone? When Apple released its first iPhone in the summer of 2007, this newspaper questioned whether it was “worth it.” Hindsight is 20/20, of course. A new high-end smartphone now is more expensive than a laptop computer, but the devices have become nothing short of a necessity.


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