Welltodo Today: Victoria Beckham’s Activewear Range, Casper Diversifies, F&B Trends For 2019


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Fact: The healthiest foods are now found in the freezer aisle

When I was a kid, there was nothing more dull to me than going to the grocery store with my parents. It seemed to take them forever to decide between Grape Nuts and Wheaties while I looked longingly at the Lucky Charms. But little me loved when we’d stop in the freezer aisle.

The Wellness Treatments We’ll Travel For in 2019

You can tell a lot about the kind of pampering a culture is craving from a snapshot of a spa menu (where’d you go, digital detox?). This year’s crop of out-there therapies are split between the spiritual and scientific.

Silou London’s ethical activewear mission

Phoebe Greenacre founded luxury activewear brand Silou alongside former model Tatiana Kovylina in February 2016. The brand focuses on creating environmentally and socially responsible women’s activewear in minimalist, pared-back designs. It has six UK stockists including Wolf & Badger and Rêve en Vert. Wholesale prices range from £25 for a T-shirt to £85 for leggings.

Quadrant’s gyms bulk up in Asia ahead of sale

The private equity investor is expected to keep trying to add on businesses – particularly in Asia – as it prepares the overall company for sale. The Asian acquisitions are sure to bring a strong Asian growth story to the auction,which would likely increase the field of potential buyers and perhaps add some sizzle to its predominantly Australian gyms portfolio.

Casper debuts the Glow, a nightlight for grownups

I’m obsessed with sleep. I need slightly more than eight hours a night to be optimally productive next day. Anything less than seven and a half, and I turn into cranky monster. How do I know this?

Robert Geller Collaborating With Lululemon

Lululemon has tapped designer Robert Geller for a special collection that will be unveiled during New York Fashion Week: Men next month. Called “Take the Moment,” the 12-piece capsule “explores the life of Robert Geller over a 96-hour period, built to move seamlessly from early morning workouts to urban life and international travel in comfort and style,” according to Lululemon.

How The Gym Group’s website transformation boosted membership

Digital has been central to the The Gym Group’s strategy since in entered the market a decade ago, looking to shake up the sector by providing contract-free fitness facilities that are open 24/7 at affordable prices with a seamless customer journey to match.

Take a first look at Victoria Beckham’s new Reebok activewear range

Victoria Beckham has launched her first activewear collection with Reebok, having announced her collaboration with the sports brand in April 2018. The Spring 2019 line features premium sportswear products ranging in price from £29 to £500, the designs of which have all been inspired by Beckham’s experiences of living in London and Los Angeles.

From breakfast broth to a rice rival: five key food and drink trends for 2019

Still drinking coffee to start the morning? Is rice your carb of choice with a curry? Then it’s time to step into 2019. For this year, ‘supercharged’ bone broth is tipped to become the next big morning beverage and freekeh is giving rice a run for its money.


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