Welltodo Today: Waitrose To Utilise Customers’ DNA, lululemon’s Cult-Like Following Strengthens, Wellness Communities


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

DNA points Waitrose shoppers to healthy food

People who shop at Waitrose are to be given “nudges” towards healthier food choices based on their DNA.The supermarket is working with researchers at Imperial College London to see whether individual advice based on a person’s genes can cut their chance of developing type 2 diabetes.Participants’ sa

Angel investor Tina Bou-Saba: ‘There’s a gap in funding sources across beauty and wellness’

Though startup beauty and wellness brands continue to turn to venture capital funds to scale their burgeoning businesses, the other side of that coin is angel financing. Angel investor is Tina Bou-Saba broke down the companies in the space that she’s investing in now.

How the wellness industry went from hippy to hip

I spotted the dog first – tiny, perfectly groomed and so pristine white it was like it had been bleached in the washing machine (and so very almost drenched burgundy, after it darted in between my legs at my local pub and I nearly spilled my large glass of Pinot over it).

Tesco expands its plant-based Wicked Kitchen range – FoodBev Media

UK retailer Tesco has expanded its plant-based Wicked Kitchen range, as the demand for vegan food choices has soared in the country over the last year. Tesco introduced the Wicked Kitchen range in January, and claims that sales of chilled vegan products at the retailer have increased 25% in the last year.

The Cult-Like Following Of Lululemon Is Stronger Than Ever – Despite Controversies

In February, the former CEO Laurent Potdevin resigned, and although the details are hazy, CNBC reported that his departure was in part because he had an alleged multi-year romantic relationship with an unnamed designer who worked for the brand until 2014.

Wellness communities are the new third places of choice for millennials

This week on The Plus Factor, we’re talking about something that’s crucial to our health and wellbeing: socializing. (Yes, we all need IRL bonding time with friends, no matter how loud the siren call of Netflix.)

ukactive Research Institute to speed up the delivery of research to sector

The ukactive Research Institute has announced plans to make all academic research it conducts available as ‘pre-print articles’ to stakeholders in the physical activity sector. The move is part of the institute’s strategic objective to make data more quickly available to all physical activity practitioners, policymakers and all those who might benefit from the findings.


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