Welltodo Today: Wellness Building Standards, New Men’s Fitness Mag, Coca-Cola Health Research


Key global wellness news articles from around the world impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Dennis launches new men’s health and fitness magazine Coach (Full Article: Campaign)

“[Dennis] is investing £3 million in the new title, which will go out on Wednesdays and comes within a month of Time Inc relaunching NME as a free titleCoach, the publisher said, will be the magazine brand “for men who want – or need – to do something to make themselves feel healthier and fitter.” It is tailored for busy commuters and ABC1men in the 24-55 age range.”

Coca-Cola Has Spent Millions on Health Research, Fitness Programs (Full Article: WSJ)

“Coca-Cola Co. said Tuesday it has spent almost $120 million to fund scientific research as well as health and fitness programs in the U.S. since 2010, a disclosure that is part of the soda giant’s promise to be more transparent after critics accused it of playing down the role of sugary drinks in obesity.”

Deepak Chopra Talks About Wellness in Building and Design (Full Article: WSJ)

“Along with launching mobile health startup Body Mind Me Inc. earlier this year, the holistic health expert, best-selling author, professor and doctor has advised and invested in tech startups including fitness and sleep tracker Basis and handmade art marketplace GlobeIn.

Now Mr. Chopra is advising and joining with . The philosophy behind the WELL Building Standard is that by addressing seven core human needs–air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind–manufactured environments can promote health among building occupants.”

Target to partner with MIT on city farming, other food science projects (Full Article: Fortune)

“Target this week announced a multi-year partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and global design firm IDEO that will focus on the future of food, looking at everything from urban farming to supply chain and food transparency. The three partners will, among other things, use data to monitor how the public discussion about food is evolving and get a leg up on how food will be grown, consumed, and sold in the next 15 years.”

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