Welltodo Today: What’s Next For Fabletics? The End Of The Yoga Studio? The Breathwork Trend


The game-changing investment, acquisition and funding news impacting the industry and driving the business of wellness this week.

Fabletics’ Adam Golderberg and Kevin Hart on what’s next for the activewear empire

Like plenty of other modern direct-to-consumer companies, influencer marketing has been an essential part of Fabletics’ journey. Actress Kate Hudson co-founded the company and co-CEO Adam Golderberg believes that its network of spokespeople has been key to the company’s growth. We were …


Is This the End of the New York Yoga Studio?

Soaring rents, the pandemic and the rise of the Instagram yogi could mean the demise of the urban wellness oasis. On an afternoon in late July, Amy Quinn Suplina met two of her longtime employees in an airy street-front room in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to box up her 12-year-old business.

7 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Shop for Food

Oranges and frozen foods are being snapped up. Shelves have fewer choices. And customers are steering their carts in surprising new directions. When the coronavirus hit, even the most enthusiastic cooks had to adjust to a new, more complicated relationship with their kitchens.

The rise of ‘dark stores’-and how they could save struggling retail

Whole Foods “opened” a new “store” that you can’t walk into or shop at. Located in Brooklyn and slightly smaller than a typical Whole Foods, the store is dedicated solely to fulfilling online orders. It’s the company’s first purpose-built online-only store.

Q&A with Melisse Gelula: Shaking Up The Concept of Wellness: COVID-19, Inequality & More

In this edition of the Wellness Q&A Series Beth McGroarty, VP, Research & Forecasting, Global Wellness Institute asks: Has COVID-19 fundamentally changed people’s concept of “wellness”? What wellness markets will grow fastest in the future? What do the successful wellness brands of the future look like?

Covid-19 Accelerates Breathwork Wellness Trend | Stylus

With respiratory health becoming top of mind for consumers during the pandemic, breath training is set to flourish as a popular practice to fortify mental and physical wellbeing. We look at the latest initiatives and releases supporting consumers as they seek out stress-busting breathing solutions.


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