Welltodo Today: When Health Meets Wealth, Fitness Festivals, ‘Cold Gyms’


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

One of Goop’s Earliest Investors Says Gwyneth Paltrow Is ‘a Creative Force’

Felix Capital’s Frederic Court invested in Goop in 2015 and calls Paltrow ‘a creative force.’

Can Wellness Provide an Antidote to Overtourism?

The 12th annual Global Wellness Summit, held in Cesena, Italy, wrapped up on Monday. The summit’s coverage of the wellness industry ran the gamut from day Wellness might just be a tonic for overtourism, according to experts gathered for a major wellness conference in Italy this week.

Attention Walmart (Canada) shoppers: marijuana products may soon be available in aisle four

Walmart is curious about cannabis. On Tuesday (Oct. 9), a Walmart spokesperson told Reuters that the company’s Canadian division has done “preliminary fact-finding” on cannabis-derived products, but has no immediate plans to enter the industry. “As we would for any new industry, Walmart Canada has done some preliminary fact-finding on this issue, ” said Walmart spokesperson Diane Medeiros.

This ‘cold’ gym is kept as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit inside to help you burn more calories

“When you exercise in cooler temperatures, you optimize the fitness experience, because you burn more calories than in ambient or hot. You burn fat, you can grow a tolerance to cold, and cooler temperatures provide the optimal temperature for working out,” Adamic, a nationally-certified trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, tells CNBC Make It.

In two months, Ikea sold 1 million of its new veggie hot dogs

Made from a blend of kale, red lentils, carrots, and ginger, and served on a soft bun slathered in sweet and spicy mustard, pickled red cabbage, and crispy onions, the vegan dog (the bun makes it just vegetarian) is designed in part to appeal to a growing number of customers who want to eat healthier and plant-based food.

Fitness festivals are on the rise. Here’s what happened when I went to one

One writer shares her experience at the Michelob Ultra Fit Fest, aka the “Coachella of fitness,” in Scottsdale, AZ. Fitness festivals are quickly becoming the new music fests thanks to a lineup of celeb trainers, wellness gurus, killer playlists and live music.

How To Start A New Luxury Spa Franchise

2 min read You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. The constantly evolving wellness industry has caused the spa segment to boom rapidly, offering numerous opportunities to investors and customers both. While establishing a successful luxury spa franchise could be challenging, experts believe that its one segment which is recession proof.

Health meets wealth: tech giants break into healthcare – Raconteur

Technology in healthcare is increasingly becoming big business. According to a recent report from Markets and Markets, the global healthcare IT market is projected to reach $280.25 billion by 2021, up from $134.25 billion in 2016, representing a compound annual growth rate of 15.9 per cent.


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