Welltodo Today: Why Vegan Is A Dirty Word, Renewed Demand for Fitness Bands, Is Activewear Sexist?


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Drake Invests in MatchaBar, Whole Foods Picks Up RTD Line Nationwide – BevNET.com

Matcha beverage maker and retailer MatchaBar is nearing completion of a new Series A funding round that includes rap icon Drake as an investor. The $2.5 million round is expected to close within the next few weeks and comes on the heels of a new distribution deal with Whole Foods, which will carry MatchaBar’s line of RTD beverages in its stores nationwide beginning in September.

Behind The Scenes At Chicago’s Fastest-Growing Juice Bar

In 2014, Jon Schiff quit his Wall Street job to volunteer at Spence Farm, one of the oldest family-run farms in Illinois. Little did he know that three years later, he’d be running a multi-million dollar juice empire with 120 employees. Real Good Juice Co.

Fitbit Tops Sales Estimates on Renewed Demand for Fitness Bands

Fitbit Inc. topped analysts’ revenue projections on better-than-expected demand for fitness bands, and announced its anticipated smartwatch will debut in time for the holiday shopping season. Second-quarter sales were $353.3 million, a decline of 40 percent, but higher than analysts’ average estimate of $341.2 million.

When Vegan Is a Dirty Word

Tyme, a New York City-based food startup, markets itself as a healthy “fast food” company. All of its meals come packaged in clear, photogenic jars. Options include “Mexican” (layers of tomatoes, slaw, pico de gallo, black beans, and guacamole on a bed of brown rice), “Indian” (lentil pilaf, coconut cumin beets, and roasted cauliflowers), and “Soba” (noodles, mushrooms, broccoli, and cucumbers).

Are nuts and nut butters actually the miracle foods wellness bloggers would have us believe?

These days, you can’t move for nuts. Half of London is being fuelled by Pip & Nut, while every other Instagram food post seems a involve dollop of almond butter here or splash of cashew milk there. 11 London-based gluten-free Instagrammers you need to follow It’s no longer enough to like peanut butter.

The next big wellness trend capitalizes on your love of high-pressure showers and hugs

Why do hugs feel so good? Why do massages de-stress us? Why do some people like sleeping with heavy blankets, even in the heat of summer? Why do we love high-pressure showers and squeezing our loved ones’ hands as a sign of support? It’s all to do with pressure-and utilizing its soothing powers is becoming…

Nearly 80% of women think that activewear is sexist

We’ve all been guilty of wearing our yoga pants and trainers outside the gym. Athleisure is just so darn comfortable. Saint Laurent has released roller skate stilettos and we’re not sure what to make of them So much so that almost 90% of women have admitted to wearing it when they’re not doing any exercise.


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