Why Sophie Hermann Says Obsessing Is Not Healthy!

She’s embracing the healthy London lifestyle and certainly knows her favourite workout and cold-pressed juice brand, but Made in Chelsea star Sophie Hermann is also a passionate German foodie in pursuit of balance – and won’t let an Osso Buco and Saffron Risotto stand between her and a killer cardio session! 

welltodo London’s Editor in Chief, Lauren Armes, caught up with Sophie after a busy day, at Westminster Park Plaza’s Mandara Spa… 

Sophie, what does a healthy welltodo lifestyle mean to you?

It means having a healthy balance of everything. If you start to obsess about things, then that’s not very healthy. I’ve recently gotten into juicing and I love nut milks and especially cashew milk. I used to drink a lot of cow milk, but nut milk is so much better for preventing bloating. I try to avoid dairy, but I’m from Germany so it’s hard – and there are certain things I just love to eat.

I lived three and a half years in Italy and I’m German, so I love food. To make up for it, I train a lot, about 3-4 times a week. If I’m going to have pasta, I’m going to have pasta and enjoy it.

Though I recently found quinoa pasta! It’s wheat free and it’s amazing (though obviously the real deal is still the best).

Do you follow any particular type of diet?

Not really, I try to eat whatever my body is telling me it needs! Like in summer my body will tell me to eat fresh salads and light, nourishing foods.

When do you feel most fit and healthy?

When I train a lot and when I’m on holiday. Last year I went to the Maldives with my family, and we did a lot of outdoor sports like surfing and diving – and eating a lot of fresh fruit and meat. We weren’t eating a lot of carbohydrates so I felt really lean and healthy. I definitely feel the healthiest when I’m on holiday.

So what is your fitness routine like?

I have a home gym and have two trainers. One is more Pilates oriented and does yoga movements with me – like handstands against the wall. The other is a little younger and he is also a professional football player, so he does more circuits and a lot of cardio. I hate cardio but he forces me to do it! I also do boxing which is great for me because my legs and abs are really strong but my arms are so weak… *laughs*.

Why Sophie Hermann Says Obsessing Is Not Healthy!
Image: Sophie Hermann

I love Paola’s Body Barre either at her studio or at Lomax. I love Lomax and the food is amazing – I had this lamb stew the other day, which was incredible. The nutrition basically waits for you when you come down from a workout! It’s just right there.

What is your favourite fitness fashion brand?

I love Varley London from B London Boutique. 

What is your ideal breakfast?

If it’s early then I love to have a nice cold-pressed juice. If it’s a little later, like 9, then I love eggs – boiled with asparagus or poached with avocado and salmon. Then my ideal time to work out is at 10-11.

Which is your favourite cold-pressed juice brand in London?

I absolutely loved Moroccan Cleanse, and Presscription. I love green juice but it has to be enjoyable to drink!

Image: Presscription

Why is it important to you to feel fit and healthy?

As well as being on TV, I love to be able to wear whatever I like as I love fashion. But in the end, I just want to feel well and happy about myself. It’s a good feeling to start the day feeling good about yourself.

What are your top 3 every day healthy practices?

Keeping hydrated is really important – with plenty of water and coconut water fresh from the coconut. But I also love tea, all sorts of tea including herbal teas.

I am always cooking with coconut oil and, as the The Body Coach says, “in with the Lucy Bee!” And then once a week, I take a spoon of coconut oil and swish it around in my mouth – it’s so good for you! Sometimes I bathe in it!

The woman who does my eyebrows at Blink is from Nepal. She has amazing skin and when I told her, she said that her natural beauty trick is to mash a banana and put it on her face. It’s so funny and messy and some of it falls off – but it’s like an instant lift! Do it with a towel over you, as some bits tend to drop… it really works as a natural face mask!

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