Wunderworkshop Channel Happiness And The Science Of Life For Golden Mylk


With more than 4,600 scientific papers published on it during the last 10 years alone, it is clear that turmeric does more than just stain your fingers yellow.

From their tiny operation in Notting Hill, Tom and Zoe, the partnership behind functional food brand WUNDERWORKSHOP, are being inspired by Ayurveda, or the Science of Life; principles based upon a preventative approach to health.

Combining their passion for maximising life’s potential, with what they know to be the scientifically proven super powers of curcumin (the pharmacologically active agent in turmeric), the pair have pioneered and trademarked their first product: Golden Mylk.

Having studied pharmacology, Tom explains, “I stumbled across the benefits of turmeric and was keen to follow a more natural path towards disease prevention, rather than curing side-effects.”

“I’ve been taught about health and nutrition by my mother, who has been in the health food industry for over 40 years,” says Zoe.

Golden Mylk, described as an Ayurvedic turmeric beverage, is a product of this knowledge and the first of a series of products from the functional food brand, who also support a small Sri Lankan farm.

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It boasts all the benefits of the secret spice including anti-inflammation and even happiness! “Indian researchers in the department of Pharmacology at the Government Medical College performed a study comparing the effects of curcumin and Prozac,” says Tom. “The study determined that curcumin was as effective as Prozac in treating major depressive disorders! Plus it doesn’t have the nasty side-effects of the chemically engineered drug.”

“Turmeric is also great for the gut, commonly used to treat Crohn’s disease and IBS, for liver cleansing and… Cancer Research UK references a number of studies on cancer cells that have shown curcumin to have anticancer effects,” Zoe adds.

“At WUNDERWORKSHOP we believe that food should not just be delicious, but also provide a function to nurture our bodies through our hectic lifestyles,” says Tom.

“Food is fuel and every meal is an opportunity to enhance our physical being.”

WUNDERWORKSHOP are supplying their Golden Mylk at events across London but are available for delivery via their website: www.wunderworkshop.com

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