This Year’s Global Wellness Summit Will Highlight The Trends Transforming The Wellness Industry

MIAMI, United States — The theme for the Global Wellness Institute’s 11th annual Summit has been announced, and this year the event is shining a spotlight on how emerging concepts will transform the wellness industry and impact the individual.

Analysing the future of major wellness sectors, including beauty, travel, spa, fitness, nutrition, medicine and the environment, as well as their impact on human life, the conference will bring together leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of the $3.7 trillion global wellness economy. And, despite the fact it remains an invitation only event, if you’re in the business of wellness, it matters.

When 500+ wellness experts from 46 nations gather to debate the future of wellness, a uniquely authoritative and global view of the trends that will shape the wellness industry emerge, and these have the potential to impact the way you do business.

So, what’s on the 2017 agenda?

The main focus for this year’s Summit will revolve around “Living a Well Life”, which puts the spotlight on how the future of wellness will impact individuals’ lives.

Because the theme places the individual at the center of the wellness conversation, attendees will not only hear from experts about the latest breakthroughs, they will be able to tangibly participate in them – from personal biomarker testing to how virtual reality is being applied to wellness.

The main themes to be explored will include:

  • Wellness, Science & Technology: From our DNA to the devices that track our every move; from the latest in sleep science to the air we breathe
  • Mental Wellness: From new approaches to improve how we think and feel, to the latest neuroscience research on beauty, to how dance can impact the treatment of Alzheimer’s
  • Workplace Wellness: From the impact that a fast-changing work environment will have on human wellness, to the latest research on how people prefer to work, to the “ergonomics of wellbeing”. Conference host, The Breakers Palm Beach, is a global leader in workplace wellness, and delegates will be immersed in new strategies first-hand
  • Wellness Communities, Healthy Building, Wellness Architecture: From the development of buildings and communities – with wellness at their core, to their impact on residents, communities, and investment worldwide

In addition, the Summit will feature a heavy-hitting roster of medical pioneers, from celebrity doctors who have brought the “wellness message” to millions of people worldwide to doctors who are spearheading a new focus on wellness and prevention. These influential figures will delve into how new wellness concepts will impact every aspect of our lives and how they could shape your future business decisions.

Renowned for its forward-thinking approach, throughout the conference’s eleven years it has sparked countless new partnerships, business and investment relationships and innovation within the wellness industry. This year the event hopes to once again transform the way the world thinks about and engages with wellness.

All PowerPoints, session notes, videos and research reports shared at the previous Summits are available to the entire industry on the official website.