Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Wellness App ERAKULIS


Cristiano Ronaldo is tackling wellness.

What’s happening: The Portuguese star striker will release wellness app ERAKULIS on 3 April. Declaring “balance is everything”, the world’s most-capped player is leveraging his elite training to deliver fitness, nutrition and mental balance programmes:

“The countless hours of training, attention to nutrition, and mental preparation have played a crucial role in my journey. We’ve added these features into Erakulis.”

Playing to win. Stacked with 1K+ workouts and 400 recipes, the app includes personalised wellness plans, expert-led video consultations and community support.

Why it matters: Building on existing endorsement deals – including a lifetime contract with Nike – Ronaldo is expanding his empire like other star-born fitness apps.

  • Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr launched Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studios and app, while Conor McGregor created McGregor FAST with FitLab.
  • Track Olympian Jess Ennis-Hill founded hormonal health app Jennis, optimising performance through cycle tracking.
  • Actor Chris Hemsworth’s Centr offers custom workouts, meal plans and branded equipment, including a deal with HYROX.

Going the distance. While a boost for business, athlete-backed ventures aren’t a sure thing. David Beckham is suing F45 over an endorsement deal, Tonal has struggled despite backing from the likes of Serena Williams and ex-NHLer Mike Cammalleri’s sports drink biz BioSteel went bankrupt.

Takeaway: A tough market to crack, Ronaldo’s family-friendly, aspirational online presence could piggy-back on his global fandom. At ~€60 for the year, the price point pitches mainstream, from fans to everyday athletes.

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