Eight Sleep Expands Footprint, Upgrades Smart Mattress

Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep wants to set a global sleep standard.

What’s happening: The smart mattress maker expanded its reach to 28 markets, including Ireland, Portugal and Poland, as international sales race towards 20% of its revenue.

Adding snoring mitigation and adjustable positions to the latest version of its thermoregulating, health-tracking mattress, CEO Matteo Franceschetti will push innovation for expansion.

“Our biggest focus is on developing the best product in the market for our customers. Sleep and health are universal challenges, so every enhancement we make in our products will help us grow internationally.”

Making its bed. Backed by $160M, Eight Sleep’s goal of pioneering a global sleep fitness movement is accelerating.

  • In 2022, it acquired Span Health, elevating its health-coaching services and expanding its personalised programmes.
  • A revamped app delivers enhanced accuracy and extra features like ‘Routines’ to optimise sleep consistency.
  • Alongside partnerships with Barry’s and Airbnb, ambassadors like pro tennis player Taylor Fritz and CrossFitter Justin Medeiros are spreading awareness.

Selling sleep. With the market tipped to reach $950B, others believe sleep aids are more than a bed.

  • Recently launched, Oura’s Labs feature enables users to test experimental features, provide feedback, and influence the future of its sleep-tracking smart ring.
  • London’s SPOKE and Germany’s Endel use music as medicine to help users get more shuteye.
  • The Netherlands’ Somnox received a grant from the EU last year for its insomnia-relieving sleep companion.

Looking ahead: Not resting until it reaches every region, Eight Sleep is leveraging all the tools in its arsenal to fuel growth. Stacking strategic partnerships and emphasising the user experience are helping it stay relevant as it scales.

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