Escape Fitness, Hyperice Partner on Recovery Pods

Escape Fitness

Equipment manufacturers are building out their wellness catalogues.

What’s happening: Commercial outfitter Escape Fitness and recovery tech brand Hyperice partnered to create “wellness stations” for gyms across the UK, US and Europe.

The self-serve units feature 1:1 coaching via Escape’s digital content screen and equipment, and utilising Hyperice products, to support recovery routines.

According to Escape Fitness CEO Matthew Januszek, now was the “right opportunity” to embrace holistic wellness.

“This collaboration with Hyperice enables us to deliver self-contained, dedicated wellness pods which marry our MARS digital touchscreens and fitness equipment with the world’s leading recovery brand to bring a unique product solution to market.”

Why it matters: As more people exercise for mental health over physique, restorative classes are taking off, and Hyperice is taking recovery to the next level.

Rising in the US, the brand is expanding into clubs, sports and hospitality through product deals and Recovery Bays developed with Aktiv Solutions.

Now, leveraging endorsement from Manchester City footballer Erling Haaland, the brand is pushing deeper into the UK – a move matched by rival Therabody.

Head to head. The two brands, with a similar range of products, are tapping into new partnerships to stoke their physical growth.

  • Hyperice launched a pop-up store in Harrods last December, with Therabody debuting this summer.
  • Therabody partnered with Oura on sleep optimisation, and Hyperice joined with WHOOP to quantify recovery.
  • Hyperice counts Third Space among its clients, while Therabody pilots a partnership with US Barry’s studios.

Takeaway: The boundaries between fitness and wellness have been blurring for some time, but this mainstream partnership may mark an overlap of no return. Recovery, traditionally zoned off or in another establishment entirely, is not a gym floor staple, but if Escape Fitness and Hyperice’s wellness pods take off, it’ll be a must-have.

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