European Gyms Hit Membership, Revenue Highs

The Gym Group

Europe could soon have 100M gym members.

What’s happening: A joint report from EuropeActive and Deloitte reflects a thriving market for Europe’s fitness operators.

  • Memberships were up 7.5% from 2022 to a record ~68M.
  • Revenues climbed 14% to ~€32B.
  • Number of clubs increased by 1.4% to ~65K.

Confident in the gains, EuropeActive believes its five-year target of 100M members by 2030 is in sight.

Smooth operators. Brick-and-mortar operators are keeping gym-goers engaged, with Basic-Fit (3.8M), RSG Group (2M) and PureGym (1.9M) remaining the leaders in terms of membership in consecutive years.

Good to be on top, out of the biggest 20 operators – including RSG Group, SATS, Fitness Park, The Gym Group, L’Orange Bleue and David Lloyd – memberships grew 13% to ~17M and revenues by 19% to €6.2B.

Consumer conduct. The report also surveyed ~10K adults in 19 European countries, finding the largest segment of gym-goers are millennials (31%) and smallest Gen Z (16%).

Meanwhile, 61% work out at least once a week – in gym or at home – and 97% are regularly active outdoors, with walking and cycling the top activities.

Takeaway: With most operators pursuing ambitious growth plans and gym-goers sticking with it, 100M members by 2030 isn’t that hard to imagine.

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