Everlab Lands A$3M for “Hyper-Personalised” Healthcare Service


Everlab joined the global gold rush to reimagine healthcare.

What’s happening: The Australian healthtech startup closed a A$3M pre-seed round led by Europe-based b2venture. Marc Hermann, Everlab’s founder and CEO – who previously co-founded Foodspring – introduced Everlab in beta this summer.

Launching publicly in January 2024, Hermann is on a mission to democratise data-driven care through a custom-built operating system.

“Premium, personalised health care has been reserved for the ultra-wealthy until now. We are leveraging the latest technology in diagnostics, AI and behavioural science to radically reduce prices and make it accessible for millions of people.”

Bill of Health

Everlab is a clinician-led service starting at A$3K – extending up to A$15K – per year. Leveraging medical records, blood work, imaging and functional assessments, customer health profiles are built with core biomarkers to inform intervention modules based around nutrition, exercise, sleep, environment, and more.

Quarterly check-ins are digital, but diagnostic assessments are in-clinic, so while clients from anywhere can sign up, they must be able to fly into Oz.

Why it matters: Biological age, longevity and healthspan are inching onto the radars of the masses. With many experiencing chronic illnesses and health services overwhelmed, an empowered cohort are primed to take proactive action – and startups are rising to the challenge.

In Europe, Sweden’s body-scanning clinic Neko Health notched a €60M Series A; entrepreneur Kağan Sümer reportedly raised ~$8M for German health management platform Mirror; and the UK’s Longevity, a hybrid club mixing age evaluations with personalised healthcare programmes, launched this year.

Stateside, Prenuvo landed $70M in 2022 for its disease-detecting whole-body MRI service; Bionic Health raised $3M for its $250/mo. preventative health programme. Layering on tech, Q Bio combines a digital twin and proprietary body scanner with the goal of making preventative care ubiquitous.

And Down Under, Everlab will be competing with digital health company Eucalyptus, which is piloting its own men’s performance health clinic with DEXA scans and blood tests.

Looking ahead: With hospital wait times peaking, rampant chronic disease and an ageing population, Everlab and other ambitious healthtech startups are stepping up into uncharted territory. Providing new preventative healthcare pathways could be a game-changer for society and the economy, but not until costs drop and access increases.

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