Fitness Coaching App FITTR Scores $3.5M


FITTR is gearing up for its next stage of growth.

What’s Happening: The Indian fitness and nutrition app secured $3.5M from Rainmatter, the investment arm of stock broker Zerodha.

Part of a wider strategy to grow its presence across India, Singapore, the US and UK, the capital will expand its network of 700+ coaches.

Leveraging Zerodha’s portfolio of startups, including smart ring maker Ultrahuman and connected home gym Aroleap, potential collaborations could fast-track growth.

Getting active. Delivering one-on-one digital coaching, health and fitness plans and recovery programmes, FITTR educates users while breaking down barriers to healthier behaviours.

Having scaled from a 2016-launched WhatsApp group to one of India’s largest fitness communities (with 250K monthly active users and 5M+ app downloads globally), the startup is on a mission to help 50M people get fit.

Collective action. With obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in India skyrocketing, FITTR isn’t the only homegrown brand promoting healthy living.

  • Riding a $1.4B valuation to a potential IPO, pairs 600+ gyms with a digital app, supplements, exercise equipment and at-home lab tests.
  • HealthifyMe’s AI-powered fitness and nutrition assistant has raised $130M to date.
  • Fuelled by a 2022 $10M funding round, fitness platform GOQii is building a metaverse where healthy behaviours are rewarded with virtual shopping tokens.

Takeaway: Reshaping fitness in India, personalised, preventative, tech-enabled solutions are paving the way for a more active nation, and driving market expansion. Seeking a global stage, the frontrunners are tapping international investors and global talent.

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