Freeletics Launches AI Fitness Coaching


Freeletics is upgrading its AI.

What’s happening: The fitness platform launched Coach+, an AI personal trainer delivering real-time guidance, feedback, and motivation.

Always on, the 24/7 chat-based service onboards users, helps select personalised training plans and answers fitness-related questions.

Future fit. Selling itself as more affordable than a gym membership or real-life PT, Freeletics’ tech learns from its 57M users to generate customisable coaching plans and workouts.

Operating a freemium model, the Germany-based company offers paid-for subscriptions for more personalised services. Piloting the new feature in a phased rollout, Freeletics aims to make its data-driven training an invaluable experience

Smart Move

Tapping new tech, AI-powered fitness is advancing.

  • Last year, the Netherlands’ Virtuagym launched AI coaches that personalise plans, track progress and capture insights.
  • Currently in beta, iFIT’s AI interacts with users via text message to pinpoint goals, create custom workouts and provide 24/7 motivation and support.
  • Raising $10M this month, fitness app Zing Coach gives feedback on form and performance, while its AI body scanner delivers insights into body fat and muscle mass.

Entering the arena… Anytime Fitness debuted a smart app, while wearable maker WHOOP’s AI-powered coach delivers biometric-based health and fitness advice. En route, Apple is allegedly working on an AI personal assistant for fitness, nutrition and sleep.

Looking ahead: A work in progress, AI coaches have yet to master the emotional and social interactions that motivate people to move. But harnessing the data of millions of users will help Freeletics, and others, deliver an accessible, hyper-personalised training experience at scale.

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