Hexis Adds £1.6M For Athlete Nutrition Platform


Hexis believes peak performance starts and ends on your plate.

What’s happening: The AI-powered nutrition platform for athletes raised £1.6M in pre-seed funding from sports investment firms APEX and Sport Republic.

With former Science in Sport CEO Stephen Moon recently joining David Dunne, Dr Sam Impey and Professor James Morton among the brand’s leadership, Hexis will expand with a consumer offering expected to launch in 2025.

Beyond carb loading. Hexis interfaces with coaches and elite athletes to produce personalised fuelling plans.

With its proprietary Carb Coding system, Hexis calculates and predicts how and what to eat for optimal performance, while adapting to training data in real-time to aid recovery.

Putting science over intuition, the platform is trusted by pro cyclists, F1 drivers, and more.

Power Portions

Precision nutrition is changing the game, from amateur athletics to pro sports.

  • Strength and nutrition influencer Layne Norton’s Carbon app recommends tailored, goal-based macro targets and diet tracking.
  • Triathlete-focused Fuelin uses carbohydrate capacity tests and a sweat rate to make recommendations.
  • Serving teams in the Premier League, ZoneIn pairs biometric data and AI to automate meal plans for an organisation’s athletes.

Elsewhere, Germany’s Prevess licences its smart nutrition API to clubs, while FLOWBIO and Nix optimise performance with sensor-based rehydration insights.

Takeaway: Dynamic systems guiding real-time nutrition can transform athletic output, but it’s just one piece in the puzzle. A multidisciplinary approach connecting training, fuelling and recovery to real-world results is key to survival in an active market.

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