Longevity Clinics Expand Across Europe

The Longevity Suite

The effort to cure ageing is underway, and longevity clinics are riding the wave.

Forever young. Interest in anti-ageing and wellness-boosting services is fueling a new take on a spa day.

  • The effort to “delay human death” will be worth $600B by 2025.
  • The global medical spa market is projected to reach $49B by 2030.
  • Anti-ageing is a growing segment of the ~$1T “personal care & beauty” sector.

Now, combining preventative interventions with high-end amenities, longevity clinics are blurring the lines between wellness and healthcare.

  • Maximon is preparing to debut Liv Lounge, a global network of “healthspan clinics”, in Zürich.
  • Longevity-focused firm Apollo Health Ventures is also developing its own clinics, according to Sifted.
  • The Longevity Suite is opening “biohacking & antiage clinics” across Italy, with plans to enter Portugal and the Middle East.

Another approach… more companies see preventative diagnostics as the key to personalised care.

Earlier this year, Spotify founder Daniel Ek launched Neko Health, touting proprietary whole-body scans. Meanwhile, precision diagnostics company Fountain Life raised $15M last year in a round that included UK-based Newcross Healthcare.

On trend. Already gaining traction in the US, in recent years Modern Age and Restore Hyper Wellness raised $32M and $140M, respectively, to promote healthy ageing.

Punchline: Whether or not we can defy death remains to be seen. But, in the meantime, the quest to slow ageing will only intensify. A big business, separating legitimate longevity-enhancing treatments from health optimization hype will make or break the field.

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