Spotify CEO Unveils Diagnostic Healthtech Company

Neko Health

Having perfected the playlist, Daniel Ek wants to personalise healthcare.

Launching today in Stockholm, Sweden, Neko Health is focused on preventative care and noninvasive diagnostics.

Check up. The company’s clinic offers proprietary whole-body scans, mapping the heart and skin while creating a 3D model of each patient.

Using more than 70 sensors to collect 50M data points, Neko leverages artificial intelligence to proactively identify and prevent disease, tracking health status over time.

Big bets. Teaming with co-founder and CEO Hjalmar Nilsonne, Neko has been operating in stealth since 2018. Prior to its public debut, Ek had invested at least $6M into the project.

Part of a larger commitment to put $1B of his own money into European startups, with Neko, Ek is making healthcare a prime target:

“Healthcare has for a long time had an unsustainable cost trend and a heavily burdened medical profession. If we are to be able to reverse that trend, I’m convinced that healthcare needs to go from being reactive today to acting proactively.” 

Into the future. From prescription wearables to at-home lab tests, proactive and 24/7 health monitoring promises to reimagine healthcare. Still early in their development, full-body scans hope to unlock the future of prevention.

  • June ’20: Ezra landed $18M for early cancer screening using MRI and artificial intelligence.
  • Oct ’22: Prenuvo raised $70M for whole-body imaging clinics to detect cancer and other diseases.
  • Dec ’22: Fountain Life secured $15M for its “precision diagnostics” centres; UK-based Newcross Healthcare invested in the round.

Looking ahead. As costs skyrocket and outcomes suffer, healthcare providers have been slow to incorporate preventative and personalised measures. Tired of waiting, more people are seeking out higher-quality care — fueling both innovation and inequities in the system.

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