Meela Raises €2.6M for Personalised Therapy


Meela is playing mental health matchmaker.

What’s happening: The women-focused patient-therapist matching platform sealed a €2.6M seed round led by Dutch VC Peak Capital.

Founded by psychologist CEO Tiffany Boswell, Meela aims to improve therapy outcomes through evidence-backed, personalised pairings. Amassing 30K users since 2021, the funding will bolster the Swedish app’s recent UK entry and B2B foray.

Data-driven. While the typical patient dropout rate is 50% by the third session, Meela’s AI-informed, individualised methods report 3%.

  • Algorithms and a novel questionnaire generate best-fit therapists, aligning specialities and cultural sensitivities from a 400+ network.
  • 43 metrics pinpoint clinical needs, preferences, symptoms and personality.
  • Free to use, the service spans 120 in-person or digital treatments in 22 languages.

Of note, Meela is working on a subscription model with user feedback loops to heighten match quality.

Heart-to-heart. With ~1B living with a mental health disorder, startups are reinventing relationship-first solutions.

  • Securing £2.25M, UK-based Self Space destigmatises therapy through walk-in “mental maintenance” clinics and a residency at Gymshark’s flagship shop.
  • Utilising AI for matching and progress tracking, Ukraine’s Rozmova (aka Clearly) recently added $200K from Google.
  • Post $88M raise, America’s Grow Therapy is honing a proprietary patient-provider algorithm across speciality, diversity and identity factors.

Looking ahead: AI makes personalisation possible like never before, making human connection easier. Taking the pressure off from the start, high-calibre matching could be a breakthrough in the global mental health crisis.

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