Monk Lands £2M For Tech-Enabled Ice Baths


Cold tubs are getting an upgrade.

The news: Monk secured £2M in funding for its smart ice bath – featuring integrated cooling and high-aesthetic hardware.

A connected experience, its app delivers guided sessions, immersive soundscapes and breathwork, plus wearable integrations to quantify cold water therapy’s impact on HRV, sleep and other biometrics.

Of note, the company counts pro boxer Anthony Joshua, Oura co-founder Petteri Lahtela and BrewDog founder James Watt among its backers.

Chill out. For recovery, longevity or resilience, ice baths are catching on.

With the market for plunge pools set to reach $500M by 2030, Monk is scaling up to capitalise.

According to founder and CEO Laura Fullerton, the company has amassed a 3K-person waitlist for its £5,995 tub ahead of its dual UK and US launch this year.

Looking ahead: As consumers seek holistic health and alternative therapies, ice bath and sauna makers are cashing in. From at-home options to social wellness clubs to standalone studios, hot and cold exposure is quickly becoming commonplace.

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