Peloton, Hilton Expand International Partnership

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Hilton and Peloton are expanding their partnership.

The deal will see smart bikes added to hotels in Puerto Rico, Germany, the UK, and participating Canadian properties.

Going global. This news follows last year’s agreement to put at least one Peloton Bike in each of Hilton’s 5.4K US-based hotels.

Entering new markets, Hilton’s vice president of wellness Amanda Al-Masri hopes to enhance the guest experience:

“We know that wellness is a top priority for travelers around the world and many want to take their routines with them while traveling. We have already delighted so many guests with Peloton Bikes in our fitness centers at hotels across the U.S. and are excited to expand upon our partnership to these new markets.” 

Scoring points with wellness seekers, Hilton is appealing to the growing number of travelers pursuing health and fitness activities on the road.

  • The wellness tourism industry is projected to reach $1.3T by 2025.
  • 47% of travelers are prioritising wellness and fitness amenities, per Hilton.
  • Wellness travelers spend 178% more than the average tourist, according to the GWI.

On the flip side, as Peloton attempts to engineer a turnaround amid waning demand, the company is exploring new channels to reach potential members.

With 90% of existing members more likely to stay at hotels with Peloton Bikes, the connected fitness company can leverage brand loyalty to solidify partnerships in hospitality, as well as corporate wellness, real estate, and elsewhere.

Punchline: A win-win, Hilton and Peloton are helping health-obsessed travelers stick with their fitness routines away from home. Taking partnership to the next step, maybe there’s a Peloton-branded property, à la Equinox Hotel, in the future.

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