Raus Raises €8.5M for Off-Grid Cabin Getaways


The desire to disconnect is fuelling nature tourism.

What’s happening: Berlin-based Raus raised €8.5M for its “nature immersion” platform. The company will expand its 50+ German off-grid cabin network, adding new outposts across Europe.

Breaking ground. Mental health issues, sleep deprivation and work-related stress are driving demand for outdoor escapes like Raus. From lake swimming to alpaca hikes and guided meditation, its lodges unlock immersive, nature-connecting experiences.

Over the last 12 months, Julian Trautwein, Raus co-founder and CEO, saw revenue increase 500%, with more growth to come:

“With Raus, we address critical challenges within the travel industry while meeting the enduring demand for a more conscious and mindful living that will accompany us for many years to come.”

Cabin Fever

The pandemic sparked an outdoor recreation boom in the US, leading to a rise in tiny cabin retreats and adventure lodging.

Europe and the UK saw similar demand for holistic hideaways as people plunged into wellness pursuits like ice baths and open-water swimming – boosting Europe’s outdoor market to north of €6B, with more to come.

  • Aussie startup Unyoked raised A$28 this year to expand in Europe after growing in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
  • unplugged launched in 2021, offering 19 “digital detox cabins” across the UK.
  • Estonia-based ÖÖD Hötels, which specialises in mirrored cabins, expanded across the UK, Europe, US and Mexico in recent years.
  • America’s Getaway added $41M in 2021, progressing from 17 to 29 locations.

Takeaway: The more digitally connected we become, the greater the need for disconnection and nature’s medicinal effects. Demand for cut-off cabins should continue to rise, but as most only cater to adults, there’s also space in the market for family-friendly options.

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