Technogym Launches AI-Powered Wellness Assessments


Technogym is advancing prescription exercise.

What’s new: The Italian connected fitness equipment maker released Checkup, an AI-powered mental and physical health assessment station for gyms, hotels and clinics.

Measuring body composition, strength, balance, mobility and cognition, the smart kiosk delivers a Wellness Age and “prescription” training programme designed to lower it.

Double vision. With a growing focus on longevity, CEO Nerio Alessandri wants to democratise healthspan for the masses.

Eyeing mainstream adoption, Checkup – born through Technogym’s investment in digital transformation – helps operators double down on data-driven member engagement.

With 25M members in the brand’s two-sided Mywellness platform, gym and clinic operators can quantify the effectiveness and upsell their programming, exercisers can track their progress and, importantly, their PTs and doctors can oversee implementation.

Mind the gap. Akin to rival EGYM’s BioAge, Wellness Age is calculated using thousands of data points. But its inclusion of a cognitive evaluation differentiates the tool while advancing Alessandri’s healthcare pursuit.

En route to the same goal, EGYM’s preventative health focus, AI health-tracking software and €207M raise last year will likely spur healthy innovation as the two compete.

Takeaway: An accessible evaluation-based biological age and plan combo is a game-changer. But rudimentary assessments often result in more frustration than motivation. With Technogym in 85K clubs, 400K homes and 6K hospitals, Checkup and Wellness Age could connect gyms and doctors for good.

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