The Self Space Opens On-demand Mental Health Shop in Soho

Self Space

The Self Space wants to make in-person therapy more accessible.

What’s happening: The UK-based mental health company recently opened its fourth shop in Soho, London, offering walk-in, face-to-face therapy sessions as well as virtual visits.

Removing barriers to care, The Self Space works with 68 qualified therapists, who are available seven days a week between 7.30am to 9.30pm. Costs start at £60 for 30 minutes.

Co-founded by therapists Chance Marshall and Jodie Cariss, who envision a Self Space for every high street, the startup debuted in Shoreditch last February, ahead of Manchester and Borough launches.

Serving individuals and employers, treatment categories span: over 18s, couples, students, NHS keyworkers, under 18s and startup founders. The practice also serves employers, with employees from Huel, Selfridges and Depop gaining access, among others.

Ready to scale. Marshall differentiates The Self Space from companies jumping on the “mental health bandwagon”, as virtual care startups around the world close hefty funding rounds to combat the growing crisis.

Though, even as one-third of NHS mental health treatments shift online, a record 7.5M are still stuck on the waiting list. Upping availability, The Self Space champions on-demand, in-person chats for “everyday mental maintenance”.

Takeaway: As the NHS increases reliance on remote services and long waits push patients to private healthcare, people are not getting the mental health help they need. Tackling therapy taboos by touting “a conversation”, The Self Space’s “pop in” strategy holds appeal for all, from Generation Alpha to boomers. Yet, although affordable to some and a model the NHS can’t replicate, it can’t help but add to the UK’s growing socioeconomic health gap.

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