TRIB3, Anna Lewandowska Launch EDAN STUDIOS

Edan Studios

TRIB3 has a new dance partner.

What’s happening: The franchise and fitness entrepreneur Anna Lewandowska are partnering to launch EDAN STUDIOS in Barcelona.

Opening in September 2024, the three-modality club offers HIIT and Pilates via TRIB3 and PILAT3S, respectively, plus a Lewandowska-inspired Latin dance concept.

One for all. After relocating in support of her husband, an FC Barcelona striker, the Polish karate champion and PT has accelerated a burgeoning six-brand healthy lifestyle portfolio.

Developing the workouts through her group fitness events around the city, EDAN STUDIOS will be a permanent home to a “community that finds joy through movement”.

Jordi Bonich, CEO of TRIB3 Spain, says EDAN has all the right ingredients.

“The studio aims to provide an inclusive and community-driven space… Anna saw a clear opportunity in the market to combine dance and fitness modalities, with Barcelona being the perfect place to launch this concept.”

Join the tribe. Finding success in co-locating boutique concepts, TRIB3’s first tri-modality site taps into a global groundswell around dance fitness.

  • Xponential Fitness acquired rights to Julianne Hough’s dance-cardio concept KINRGY, opening its first studio in California.
  • Licensed to 200K locations worldwide, legacy dance brand Zumba recently launched a VR iteration and consumer app.
  • Exclusive wellness club Surrenne debuted Tracy Anderson’s dance-cardio modality in the UK.

Takeaway: Barry’s and Body Fit Training (BFT) already entered Barcelona this year, challenging TRIB3 in a fast-growing boutique scene. Adding dance to the menu adds to its first-mover advantage, especially with Lewandowska’s devotees baked in.

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