UNTIL Enters Wellcare, Readies Third Site


UNTIL wants to deepen the relationship between patients and health professionals.

What’s happening: The members club and workspace for freelance PTs and wellness professionals is expanding beyond fitness to deliver training, treatment and healthcare under one roof.

Blurring the line between self-care and healthcare, its third London site, launching in Marylebone this November, will see medical consultants and dentists working alongside performance, prevention and well-being-focused practitioners, sparking a more collaborative approach to health and well-being.

What’s inside. The club’s integrative offering will feature:

  • A clubhouse designed for members to connect, collaborate and work
  • Training spaces for PTs and wellness coaches, as well as performance-enhancing treatments like cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapies
  • Treatment and coaching rooms for physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports therapists, nutritionists and counsellors
  • Medical and dental rooms delivering a patient-centric experience

According to co-founder and CXO Alex Pellew, the addition of healthcare services is about both preventative care and health optimisation:

“Most facilities are designed for the sick, which is a sub-optimal experience for rehabilitation and getting back to prime health. Having all key elements of prehab and rehab in one place, which our model facilitates, creates a more cohesive journey for the patient.”

Confident in its programme, it plans to open 40 facilities in the UK and beyond in the next four years.

A New Approach

As recognition of the interdependency between health and wellness grows, consumers are taking a more holistic approach to their well-being, seeking out services that bridge the gap between medicine and overall wellness.

Connecting the dots, new-age concepts taking a whole-body approach to well-being are scaling up:

  • Wellness centers like NYC’s THE WELL and London’s Cloud Twelve are integrating modern medicine and ancient healing practices to deliver whole-person care.
  • UK fitness boutique Ten Health’s bespoke exercise prescription is bridging the gap between fitness and medicine.
  • Spanning Germany, Austria, and a private wellness clinic at The Arts Club in London, Lanserhof’s integrative clinics blend state-of-the-art medicine with fitness optimisation.

Meanwhile…for those who take a health journey literally, holistic wellness destinations are trending. Medical spa SHA Wellness — offering acupuncture and infrared therapy alongside diagnostic testing, plasma treatments and more — plans to take its concept worldwide, starting with Mexico in 2023.

In Thailand, a recent partnership between private hospital network BDMS and Bangkok’s Anantara Hotel offers guests mesotherapy, IV drips, cancer screening, and nutrition plans.

And in the English countryside, The Club by Bamford combines organic eating, functional training, and concierge medicine.

Looking ahead: As the borders between health and wellness continue to break down, brands across the industry are staking their claim in a new era of wellcare. Reimagining the way health and wellness professionals currently work, UNTIL and others are creating environments that are as collaborative as they are holistic.

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