Urban Gym Group Scales BTY CLB, Accelerates Growth


Urban Gym Group is thinking big.

What’s happening: The Dutch fitness operator is set to open a BTY CLB studio in The Hague in September, co-located within its flagship health club TrainMore.

Its fifth opening in two years, the women’s music-driven strength concept will be central to Urban Gym Group’s (UGG) international growth strategy.

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Accelerating post-pandemic, UGG now counts 40+ fitness centres across the Netherlands, including 30+ TrainMore locations and high-end Amsterdam health club Clubsportive.

Known for a pioneering approach to fitness – including a TrainMore membership that discounts monthly dues €1 for each completed session – it’s innovating to promote holistic well-being.

BIG ideas. While many European operators contracted during lockdown, UGG placed strategic bets, acquiring nightclub fitness pop-up BTY CLB and investing in HIIT boutique TRIB3 in 2021.

Bought to boost female membership and retention of its big-box formats, UGG is expanding its Boutique-in-Gym partnerships, adding TRIB3 at TrainMore Koninginneweg and PILAT3S at Clubsportive in June.

The company will tap group fitness for growth and recently re-upped its equity investment in TRIB3 while negotiating studio deals within international gym chains.

Inside the box. According to UGG, acquisitions are “high on its agenda”, as it enhances and opens new TrainMore clubs in larger European metros.

In the past four years, it has refurbished most locations with upgraded strength spaces and amenities for its Black and Red Label-tiered premium clubs.

In 2022, it also opened social wellness club Renessence in Amsterdam’s business district, providing holistic treatments to members while testing modalities for TrainMore, including ice baths, massage, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Looking ahead: Urban Gym Group will tie its clubs and boutiques together with single membership later this year – which has implications for the Dutch fitness scene and beyond.

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