Veri Integrates With Oura, Reveals Sleep Insights


Good metabolic health and good sleep are inextricable.

What’s happening: Finnish CGM-assisted metabolic health platform Veri announced an integration with Finnish smart ring maker Oura, allowing users to see how sleep, heart rate and glucose biomarkers impact metabolic health.

Veri’s new insights tool will specifically show users how lifestyle behaviours impact sleep.

  • Track nightly glucose levels leveraging Oura’s sleep staging algorithm
  • Understand how food choices, meal times, heart rate and exercise modify glucose and sleep
  • Improve sleep by comparing REM and light sleep stages to glucose levels
  • Learn how sleep quality alters glucose regulation

For example, alcohol or late-night snacks can raise glucose levels and disrupt sleep patterns. In turn, poor sleep influences glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, weight and hormones.

For Verneri Jaamuru, co-founder and chief product officer at Veri, healthy sleep patterns and good metabolic health go hand in hand.

“With Oura Ring, we’re bringing the key biomarkers of sleep stages, heart rate, and glucose together for the first time to paint an even more holistic picture of metabolic health to unlock an unprecedented level of insight.”

This holistic view contributes to Veri’s new Metabolic Healthspan metric, developed with cardiologists from Stanford and Harvard and health organisations such as the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Why it matters: Around the world, metabolic health is poor and “Metabolic Syndrome” is rampant. Diagnosis usually means having three of the following: being overweight, high triglycerides, low HDL (good cholesterol), high blood pressure and insulin resistance. It affects:

Good metabolic health prevents outcomes like heart attacks, type 2 diabetes and strokes. And while sleep is foundational to good metabolic health, one in three Americans and one in five Britons are sleep-deprived.

Syncing Up

With this tie-up, Veri hopes to stand out from a rush of wellness-focused CGM startups. However, it’s not the first to bring a ring/CGM model to market. Indian metabolic health platform Ultrahuman did it last year, and it has just released its next-gen wearable.

It’s also not the only CGM platform linking up with Oura; the smart ring maker struck deals with Supersapiens and January AI, which raised the bar by bringing predictive AI into the mix.

Elsewhere, Levels and myLevels are now both competing in the UK en route to Europe and, although primarily targeting diabetes management, manufacturers Abbott and Dexcom have accelerated consumer-facing expansion.

Punchline: Getting a grip on the world’s metabolic health crisis is complex because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Personalisation is the key. Yet, while Veri puts the proof of lifestyle medicine into the palms of users’ hands, tech can only make a difference with widespread accessibility — and CGMs aren’t for everyone.