WHOOP Expands Global Reach, Emphasises Gulf Region


WHOOP is on the move.

What’s happening: The performance wearable maker expanded sales to 56 markets, including Saudi Arabia and Korea, and identified the Gulf region as key to brand growth.

Adding Italian and Spanish languages to the app, as well as announcing growth-focused executive hires, CEO Will Ahmed is thinking worldly.

“WHOOP is experiencing remarkable growth and momentum, particularly in new markets around the world. We’re excited to open these new markets and provide over 125M people with access to WHOOP.”

Hyper-growth mode. Valued at $3.6B in 2021, WHOOP’s multi-pronged growth strategy equipped the company to stand out in a crowded category.

  • WHOOP entered physical retail, revamped pricing, recommitted to its free trial offer.
  • After acquiring PUSH, it debuted Strength Trainer, a feature quantifying weightlifting.
  • Launched AI-powered Coach trainer, delivering personalised data-driven advice across nutrition, fitness, sleep and recovery.

Wearable wars. As WHOOP enhances its platform and footprint, competitors are innovating at lightning speed.

  • Pushing further into healthcare, smart ring maker Oura acquired Proxy and hired an ex-Apple Health exec while championing stress management and women’s health.
  • Apple hopes to launch blood pressure and sleep apnea while racing rival Samsung to noninvasive glucose monitoring.
  • Enhancing its ecosystem, Withings syncs its ScanWatch with medtech-leaning smart scales, toilet bowl-affixed urinalysis pods, and more.

Takeaway: WHOOP’s consumer focus is paying off, and its continued accessibility should reap rapid take-up in new markets – especially with more languages coming – as long as it keeps on top of its performance-focused UX.

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