French Gym ON AIR Fitness Targets International Growth


Immersive fitness concepts are redefining workout culture.

What’s happening: French gym ON AIR Fitness is expanding into new territories. Following its international debut in Valencia this May, the brand will roll out a second Spanish site early next year, with 10 clubs planned for Spain by 2025.

Currently under wraps, the franchise is also readying sites in additional European and North African markets.

Connecting the dots. With 40+ existing sites in France and 150K members, ON AIR’s appeal lies in its ability to deliver an immersive experience that goes beyond exercise alone.

Combining dedicated fitness zones with live DJ sets and industrial aesthetics, its clubs have captivated younger consumers, who, in search of social connection, are turning to fitness spaces for community and shared values.

The innovative approach has fuelled explosive growth, with the brand opening a record four clubs this September alone.

Cultural Currency

Taking cues from the worlds of art, design and music, ON AIR isn’t alone in curating a fitness experience that delivers more than a workout.

  • Reflective of their neighbourhoods, each of JOHN REED’s 31 fitness clubs in Europe and the US feature local artwork, bespoke music programming and community events.
  • At London’s BLOKspace, immersive artwork and spatial design aim to stimulate the physical and mental well-being of local creatives.
  • Ministry of Sound Fitness combines AV projections with live musical performances to amplify the workout experience for Londoners.

Elsewhere… a style-driven collab between Technogym and Dior gave fitness equipment a high-fashion upgrade. And earlier this year, Hermès hosted a travelling pop-up gym complete with branded equipment and couture-clad instructors.

Takeaway: Searching for social wellness, not just a place to work out, consumers are choosing fitness providers that link exercise and identity. By catering to the passions of like-minded individuals, clubs like ON AIR are cultivating communities that come to sweat but stay for connection.

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