GetHarley Banks £42M for Personalised Skincare


London-based skincare upstart GetHarley closed a £42M Series B round led by Index Ventures.

Fresh-faced. A virtual dermatology platform, GetHarley leverages tech to connect consumers with clinicians and deliver curated treatment plans.

As demand for personalised, medical-grade skincare grows, the company arms practitioners with more data while ensuring patients receive bespoke recommendations.

According to CEO Charmaine Chow, GetHarley aims to be a quality filter in a crowded, highly fractured market:

“The skincare industry is overflowing with false claims, celebrity marketing and thousands upon thousands of choices about how to care for your skin.”

Glow up. One of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the wellness economy, “personal care & beauty” makes up ~20% of a four trillion-dollar industry.

With consumers willing to pay a premium for skincare and anti-ageing solutions, the global cosmetic dermatology sector is set to reach $129B by 2028.

Taking notice, brands are scaling up to offer solutions at the intersection of beauty and wellness.

  • In February, UK-based virtual dermatology platform Skin + Me landed a £10M investment.
  • In April, personalised beauty marketplace Sourcerie secured £1.8M in pre-seed funding.
  • That same month, Canadian AI-enabled skincare company Omy Laboratoires raised C$11M.

Punchline: Catering to consumers who want to look as good as they feel, brands offering tech-enabled treatments for eager but overwhelmed patients hope to disrupt dermatology.