Les Mills, Adidas Launch Workout Programme


Les Mills and adidas are strengthening their partnership.

What’s happening: The fitness company and apparel giant introduced Move, Earn & Swap, a rewards scheme for adiClub and LES MILLS+ members.

Gaining points by completing digital workouts, users can redeem for adidas products, Les Mills perks and exclusive training experiences.

Better together. A continuation of their partnership established last year, the new offering amplifies a joint attempt to tap into the fitness habits and motivations of Gen Z.

Leveraging interest in shared experiences, hybrid workouts and tech-enabled training, the collaboration has already produced immersive fitness events, apparel drops and a hybrid strength class concept.

Addressing one of the biggest barriers to exercise – motivation – the latest step in the partnership aims to make Les Mills workouts even more rewarding.

Earn While You Burn

To meet the expectations of the next generation, fitness operators are gamifying sweat.

  • Boutique franchise TRIB3 awards members SWEAT Points for time spent exercising over 50% maximum heart rate, redeemable for branded products and services.
  • Last year, Virgin Active launched an updated rewards programme linking club time and tracked progress to experience and training perks.
  • Members of UK fitness studio Digme earn points for completing classes and challenges, redeemable for free classes, smoothies, merchandise and more.

An alternative approach… US-based loyalty programmes like Equinox Circle grant members of the high-end gym access and perks to brands like Oura and Thorne, while Crunch Fitness members with Apple Watches can earn discounts and offers from local businesses.

Takeaway: Financial incentives aren’t a magic bullet for the adoption of exercise, but for Les Mills, adidas and others, connecting fitness experiences with community and lifestyle-based benefits is becoming part and parcel to engaging the next generation.

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