Les Mills Launches New Strength Concept

Les Mills

Les Mills is flexing its versatility.

What’s happening: The Kiwi fitness giant debuted its Functional Strength programme, a class combining strength and athleticism through lifts like squats and deadlifts combined with explosive functional movements.

Strong Point

Sculpt and strength training workouts are winning fans, especially among Gen Z. And with fitness racing on the rise, workouts that prepare you for both everyday life and competition are in high demand.

No stranger to weights, Les Mills has licensed its signature BODYPUMP class globally since 1997. Now, the company is reimagining group strength workouts for a younger cohort that makes up 80% of gym-goers.

  • Earlier this year, it launched STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT, a group class focused on heavy weights and bodybuilding.
  • In August, Les Mills partnered with adidas to debut SHAPES, a Gen Z-targeted class strengthening the body and mind.
  • Still a pilot in its NZ brick-and-mortar clubs, its boutique-in-a-box functional fitness concept CEREMONY uses sleds, airbikes and more for athletic conditioning.

Irons in the fire. From the gym to the metaverse, Les Mills is evolving with the times. Tapping interest for cardio-boxing and dance workouts, it offers immersive BODYCOMBAT and DANCE classes on Quest’s VR platform.

Takeaway: From keeping the classics alive to equipping the cutting edge, Les Mills sees strength as a wedge for multigenerational activity – on and offline, in their club or yours.

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