Luxe Wellness Club Saint Haven Opens in Melbourne

Saint Haven

Elite wellness destinations are reimagining what it means to work, play, and live well.

What’s happening: Saint Haven, a private members club focused on social connection, wellness, and longevity, opened in the Collingwood suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Rooted in tenets of biohacking and anti-ageing treatments, wholefoods, exercise, and recovery, developers will prove out the concept with two more sites in Melbourne this year before taking it global.

What’s inside. The club has designed a holistic and tech-enabled wellness experience:

  • Full-body MRIs, brain scans, and monthly blood testing to personalise member programmes
  • Anti-ageing and recovery treatments including IV drips, cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, and red light therapies.
  • A mineral-infused pool, vitamin C shower, meditation cave, and immersive cycle performance studio.
  • Coworking spaces, lounges, and a wholefoods nutrition bar for members to meet and socialise.

Bespoke biometrics. Each member will be given an Oura ring to monitor their health and provide real-time recommendations across training, nutrition, and recovery –– a specific pathway to personalisation high-end operators are exploring to sync members with their entire ecosystem.

Welcome to the Club

Taking cues from the industry’s latest fixation––longevity––social clubs and hospitality venues are shifting focus from old-school rest and relaxation to extending human healthspan.

  • RoseBar, a new “longevity club” at Six Senses Ibiza, offers DNA methylation tests and blood filtration alongside hyperbaric chambers, light therapy, IV drips, and more.
  • Lanserhof’s “Well-gevity” programme at The Arts Club, London offers exercise and nutrition strategies along with hormone balancing and brain health hacks to slow the rate of ageing.
  • US-based social wellness club Remedy Place combines functional medicine with preventative treatments like cryotherapy and infrared saunas, with plans to scale internationally.
  • England’s The Club by Bamford and Heckfield Place are both taking an indoor-outdoor estate approach to health optimisation.

Elsewhere, Pillar Wellbeing’s clubs in Qatar and London feature a longevity-focused spa, and even gyms are leaning into the long game of health, from recovery and “regeneration” spaces in clubs like Third Space and E by Equinox to a new holistic coaching app from Anytime Fitness.

Looking ahead: For those with the time, money, and inclination, luxe wellness clubs offer an aspirational, made-to-measure way to extend wellness into old age. But as chronic diseases increase while life expectancy falls, for the masses, the most beneficial––and less costly––approach to extending healthspan still comes down to a humble lifestyle: better sleep, fewer calories, and more movement.

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