SAVA’s Next-Gen Biosensor Adds $8M


SAVA is going beyond glucose monitoring.

What’s happening: The London-based startup emerged from stealth with an $8M seed round led by Balderton Capital and Exor Ventures, bringing its funding total to $13M.

Initially positioned as a CGM to serve the projected 783M to have diabetes by 2045, SAVA’s unique multi-molecule biosensor will also monitor other diseases in the near future.

A Sensor That Scales

Claiming its sensors are ten times shorter and cheaper than rivals, SAVA will pursue DTC and healthcare rollout for use cases ranging from chronic illness to drug adherence and sports performance.

Thinking long-term, its ability to detect lactate, sodium, ketones, alcohol, cortisol and urea will multiply its markets.

Greenlit for clinical trials by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), founder and CEO Renato Circi believes SAVA will transform healthcare.

“We are tackling preventable illness by building a new operating system for health monitoring. Our microsensor will revolutionise healthcare by making world-leading monitoring technology available to all.”

Arming for change. While consumer CGM platforms like Veri and ZOE operate in similar territory, they rely on hardware from Abbott and Dexcom.

A transitioning market, all eyes are on how such partnerships will evolve following the manufacturers’ DTC launches, especially with Abbott expressing interest in lactate, ketones and more.

Takeaway: As fellow sensor upstarts Biolinq and KnowU stick to glucose and Switzerland’s Spiden gets its noninvasive disease monitoring up to speed, SAVA hopes to redefine what health monitoring means.

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