The UK Government Takes On Inactivity

The UK unveiled a new “sports strategy” to build a more active nation.

Call to arms. Teaming with star athletes, health professionals and fitness experts, the new initiative aims to help an additional 3.5M adults and children get physically active by 2030.

A global crisis, insufficient exercise is straining the health of citizens and economies the world over. According to Sport England, the UK is especially feeling the effects:

  • 25% of adults are inactive, with 11M+ completing <30 minutes of activity/week.
  • 53% of children and young people do not meet guidance of at least 60 minutes of activity/day.

Making matters worse, with the nation’s healthcare system buckling under growing demand — stemming from diet-related chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes, as well as worsening mental health — failing to address lifestyle factors could be catastrophic.

Taking action. The first sport strategy issued since 2015, the plan hinges on making physical activity more “accessible, inclusive and sustainable.”

In addition to funding public infrastructure like multi-sport facilities, swimming pools and tennis courts, youth initiatives, including a £600M commitment to school sport and PE, are critical to delivering change.

Takeaway: From economic productivity and national defense to the pursuit of happiness, physical vigor isn’t just important for individuals; it’s critical for the collective citizenry. Waking up to this fact, more countries will be wise to issue a call to arms – and commit to seeing it through.

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