Spotify CEO Backs New Longevity Club

Sand Clinic

Europe’s newest longevity club landed €4M.

What’s happening: Just ahead of its Stockholm debut, Sand Clinic secured an investment from Spotify co-founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon for 50% of the company.

While monthly fees range from €1K to €10K, co-founders Anna Levander and Jennie Sandqvist plan to increase access by lowering prices, telling Sifted:

“Our ambition is, over time, to open up smaller and less costly clinics with the most impactful treatments that we find from our collected data and the procedures we do here.”

It’s personal. Sand Clinic’s science-backed methods mix preventative primary care with healthspan-focused diagnostics.

  • PTs, therapists and dietitians oversee a gym and wellness therapies.
  • Doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists conduct health checkups, including vascular ultrasounds and gynaecological care.

With data as the common thread, the clinic develops customised programs, monitored by lab biomarkers and wearables, enabling practitioners to track progress.

Why it matters: Preventative health sits at the heart of Ek’s investments, building on his body scanning startup Neko Health. A ~$600B market, demand for anti-ageing healthcare is fuelling the growth of medical tourism and longevity services.

  • Australia-based Everlab, a clinician-led healthspan startup, recently secured A$3M and has resumed accepting members due to demand.
  • Eucalyptus launched Compound, a preventative health clinic for men integrating diagnostics with clinical care and holistic programming.
  • In Q2 2024, Maximon will open the first AYUN, a diagnostic-driven longevity hub, in Zurich, with more sites in the pipeline.

Looking ahead: Longevity is going mainstream, but healthspan hubs are too pricey for most of the population. Targeting mass adoption, Sand Clinic’s long-term vision for a low-cost model could change the game.

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