Spotify CEO Brings Full-Body Scan Clinic to London

Neko Health

Neko Health wants to preempt the NHS.

What’s happening: The preventative health clinic, co-founded by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, will expand to London this summer, its first site outside Sweden.

Opening its international waitlist, Neko is targeting a broader European expansion.

How it works: Prior to consultation, clients receive an AI full-body scan, heart and circulatory system scans, and a blood draw.

Results are aggregated and analyzed within 15 minutes, and a doctor evaluates a 3D digital twin for cardiovascular age, skin cancers, body mass distribution, and cell oxygenation – identifying chronic disease risk.

Healthcare Remix

Daniel Ek and co-founder Hjalmar Nilsonne developed Neko’s proprietary scanners in stealth. Now, they’re sprinting to change global health.

  • Feb ’23: It opened in Stockholm, maxing its waitlist and completing 3K scans to date.
  • Jul ’23: Neko raised €60M to fuel European expansion.
  • Mar ’24: Ek, with Spotify co-founder Martin Lorentzon, took a 50% stake in Stockholm-based longevity concept Sand Clinic.

Taken together, its plan to upend traditional sickcare is emerging at a pivotal moment. By 2050, the WHO expects chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer to cause 86% of global deaths per year – nearly double the 2019 figure.

Of note, Neko identified an unreported chronic condition in 9% of its patients.

Punchline: Neko is onto something big and moving fast, but with two clinics and €250 out-of-pocket scans, access is limited. As health outcomes worsen, the world desperately needs copycats.

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