Withings Readies Body Scan Launch in US


Withings is taking on the weight of the world.

What’s happening: The French connected health company announced FDA clearance for features of its Body Scan smart scale, setting a course to enter the US this autumn.

Already holding CE medical clearance for ECG-enabled AFib detection, the brand’s “connected health station” debuted eight months ago in the UK and EU, introducing new audiences to biometrics for heart health, vascular age, nerve damage and segmental body composition (fat vs. muscle by region).

Why it matters: While other smart device makers like Oura and Apple ready clinical-grade applications for single devices, since buying his company back from Nokia in 2018, Withings CEO Eric Carreel has taken an expansive ecosystem approach to preventative health.

Validating the science while enduring regulatory appeals, Withings has recently accelerated its product development under a new mission to become a “better path to health” for everyday life.

  • February 2022: The company acquired fitness app 8fit, enabling biometric personalisation of activity, sleep, stress management and nutrition recommendations.
  • September 2022: Withings launched its Body Comp scale, coupled with health insights from subscription service Withings+.
  • January 2023: It launched a toilet bowl-affixed device called U-Scan designed to analyse metabolic and hormonal biometrics from urine concentration.
  • April 2023: Withings introduced Body Smart, a scaled-down, cheaper scale for home health.

The doctor is in. According to Withings, consumers can expect another major development by the end of the year. But, under the radar, its Boston-headquartered B2B division, Withings Health Solutions, may stand to make the biggest impact.

While its home-based products make navigating lifestyle change easier for consumers, it also patches in professionals, from GPs to researchers to certified fitness coaches.

This May, it relaunched its remote patient monitoring system, Withings RPM, building accessible EHR and reports for both consumers and their clinicians to track their daily progress. With Body Scan in the mix, it aims to help doctors take preventative action on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more at the first sign of warning.

Looking ahead: With global health systems strained to the limit treating preventable illnesses like obesity and diabetes, convincing consumers that health advocacy can be easy could have an enormous impact. Yet, with an issue as sensitive as weight, Withings will need to work with more doctors and their patients to turn data into routine action.

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