Gympass Rebrands to Wellhub


Gympass is evolving.

What’s happening: Rebranding to Wellhub, the corporate wellness platform is all-in on holistic health.

Going beyond gym memberships, its B2B offering spans fitness, mindfulness, therapy, nutrition and sleep, with new features enabling one-on-one wellness coaching and employee challenges.

Adding partners to match its expanded focus, Apple Fitness+, Alo Moves, Nutrium, Rise Science, SleepScore and StretchLab recently joined the Wellhub network.

Head-to-head. Serving 15K employers in 11 countries, a new Global Digital Plan unlocks access for multinational workforces in 36 additional markets, intensifying competition with EGYM’s Wellpass and Urban Sports Club.

Joining the dots. With burnout and inactivity on the rise, 93% of employees say well-being is as important as pay.

Wellhub’s co-founder and CEO Cesar Carvalho believes its “all-in-one wellness” platform can be part of the solution.

“This shift ensures we meet the comprehensive needs of today’s workforce, empowering companies to create a culture where employees can check in with their wellbeing every day.” 

Closing the gap. Consumers are demanding personalised, holistic wellness, and brands are adapting. Wellhub’s makeover is just the latest of high-profile pivots.

Takeaway: Wellhub says that engagement with one service leads to another, symbolised by the new “flywheel” logo. With consumers wanting more, inclusivity and diversification are a must as boundaries between fitness, wellness and health blur.

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